Yellow birch grows in the Northern and Lake states and averages a height of 90 to 110 feet.  Birch makes up 1% of the commercially available hardwoods in the United States. Generally straight-grained, yellow birch has a fine uniform texture. It has white sapwood and light reddish brown heartwood.


Yellow birch is heavy, hard and strong with good shock resistance. It is generally easy to work with and takes stain very well. In addition, it has good nail and screw holding ability and glues easily.

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Birch is used to make furniture, flooring, doors, cabinetry and even toys. It’s also in high demand for veneers and plywood.

Other Uses

The oil in the bark of the birch tree is used in medicines to treat rheumatism and inflammations. Native Americans stretched birch bark on their canoe frames and used the wood for arrows. It is commonly used to make toothpicks.

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